Mission Statement

Rapid Athletic began as a desire to reshape the E-commerce sports goods market, we noticed a huge disparity from the sports leagues & teams/clubs to the end customer. Quite often we found the retailer aka your traditional big name national chain was less inclined to shape their business models around the end customer.

A great example of is being in London and not able to find Crystal Palace, West Ham, Fulham or Brentford any other than the club shop!

Our solution is to be solely internet based a fully E-commerce operation which can funnel all our energy into creating relationships with kit manufacturers and club shops to offer the widest product range of football merchandise available anywhere.

This is why we offer national and city based clubs from all corners of the world.

Our Goals

As a specialist football retailer, we are passionate about the game. We live to for the beautiful game and we know most of you do too.

Our #2 aim is to become the go to E-tailer in the UK for football merchandise and team uniforms. As a company we are on the way to achieving this by sheer volume of the amount of shirt sales we are now processing and our popularity is growing all the time.

Our growth plan is still to be E-commerce only as we believe the brick and mortar shop for teamwear will become less and less important.

Goal #1 has always been to improve our distribution and delivery network to make all our whole process faster and faster, we are constantly making improvements and have seen our average delivery time decrease over time.

United Kingdom

The UK is the most dynamic E-commerce market in the world, with the most SME’s per capita operating in the digital retail market. Consumers in the UK have more choice and material options when purchasing from the majority of industries globally. 

It is also the home to the greatest football league in the world; The Premier league. With some of the most iconic teams with a global reputation. 

The football & sportswear industry is thriving and we are happy to be part of this fast paced industry. Our growth plan is strategically linked with the vibrant UK economy and thriving apparel E-commerce sector. 

football in the UK